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Our first Original Production, ROYAL WINDSOR: DRIVING GRAND PRIX is making waves in the sports world by changing the way the equine events are presented. Check out the open here. Be sure to tune into to the U.S. Premiere of the Royal Windsor Driving Grand Prix On NBC Sports Network on September 10th, at 4pm EST.


Our brand new ORIGINAL CONTENT DIVISION is stocked with a group of experienced television and film executives with a combined 47 years in the big leagues. Now we have the resources and talent to develop and produce original content, from premise-to-post.

PITCHING is the name of the game, and we have it down to a science. From writing treatments to finding the perfect talent to shooting industry-appropriate “sizzle reels,” Wrigley Media Group does it all.

Danny Tepper, Wrigley Media Group’ Head of Original Content, joined the team in January and has leveraged his 25 years as an award-winning television executive to get the division up and running.  Tepper is the creative mind behind some of your favorite shows on HGTV, DIY Network, Travel Channel and others.  All-in-all, he’s made nearly 1,000 hours of acclaimed primetime content.

Executive Producer Albert Mason has worked on some of the biggest film franchises in pop culture history, including the Lord of The Rings trilogy. He also did a tour of duty through MTV Networks where he touched greatness, working on the genre-defining animated series, Beavis and Butthead, The Rodman World Tour and MTV Sports.

Elayne Fowler, VP of Original Content, brings her 20 + years as a marketing strategist to the party.  Together with the team, she finds innovative solutions to monetize content in the ever-changing world of media.