Manager, Marketing & Sales

As our digital marketing guru, Jake often juggles Social with…social. He hasn’t missed a University of Kentucky home football game since 2002, which is pretty impressive if you ask us. Speaking of sports, Jake coached Little League until he retired at the ripe old age of 22.


Kelsey likes to start her days with coffee before heading to her computer to work some editing magic. By creating silly music videos with her friends in middle school, Kelsey realized her passion for editing. Along with being a fabulous editor, Kelsey plays the violin, the piano, and too many sports to list. And she double majored in Spanish. Is there anything Kelsey can’t do?


Production Manager/Producer

By day, Casey wrangles our production team and helps to keep our editors on schedule for deadlines. By night, he co-hosts a Star Wars podcast with Chief Operating Officer, Dave Cottingham, called Inside the Force. With a background in film and a major love for movies, Casey fits right in with the team.

Manager, Finance & HR

Katie spends her days balancing the books and keeping the team on track, but there’s more to her than just numbers. In fact, Katie designed and supervised the decorating of our office space! Another fun fact about Katie? She has never been stung by a bee (knock on wood).


Yet another Wrigley Media Group team member who is obsessed with Star Wars, David has seen the movies collectively over 1,200 times. He has been with Wrigley Media for over 15 years, starting in production and moving to editor, then to GM. Now, as Chief Operating Officer, he helps to lead our team & guide our creativity.

VP, Business Affairs

Mandy is a firm believer in being prepared for anything, so she always keeps ice cream in the freezer and a valid passport on hand. A born traveler, the world is hers to wander but not get lost in, thanks to uncanny navigation skills and Uber. Which might explain her ease working in tandem with clients, the Business Development team, and the production crew.

Office Manager

Kim’s is the first face you see when you arrive at Wrigley Media Group. She keeps the office in order and also helps out with different departmental needs. Did we mention she’s a pretty darn good VO artist as well? Outside of Wrigley Media Group, Kim has also been performing in regional theatre for over 20 years.

VP, Marketing

Consistently imagining new solutions and applications for clients, Elayne also has a passion for sustainability. In fact, she is Harvard Sustainability certified! As a triathlete and international traveler, she’s always pushing us to go further and explore the possibilities.


Better known as “Doctor Mike”, our Executive Producer/Writer spent 2 years in the Michigan prison system…teaching! Mike has over 30 years of industry experience, and has written Emmy-nominated programming for A&E’s Biography as well as award-winning documentaries for PBS.


With 27 years of experience in financial management, Jim helps to guide our business as we continue to grow. An animal lover at heart, Jim assists dog rescues with transports & fostering in his free time. If the weather permits, you’ll likely find him on the golf course fine tuning his short game.

Director of Photography

Anthony is recognized as being the most committed team member to his Halloween costume each year. He’s always out to get a laugh out of the team. Anthony came to Wrigley Media Group with a background in production, having worked on the Kentucky National Parks Documentary and independent short films.


Don’t let this picture fool you; Cody is an experienced “jack-of-all-trades”. He works as a producer and client coordinator, but he’s also a member of the production crew and he regularly jumps in as an editor. When he’s free, Cody can also be found frequenting our ping pong table.


Jayne comes to us from San Diego, CA where she founded her own group, JHG Digital Marketing. Prior to that she was the Head of Consumer Marketing for DIRECTV and was instrumental in developing NFL Sunday Ticket. She was a student-athlete at University of Arizona and received her Masters from USC.


Before joining our team, Russell managed content production for Blood-Horse Publications & won several awards from American Horse Racing Publications for excellence for both video & print. His portfolio also includes projects for HRTV & ESPN. He also has one of the best senses of humor around.


As a Producer, Sam spends her days keeping projects on track and clients happy. Although she appreciates Star Wars like many fellow employees, her first true love was Harry Potter. She has read every book at least 10 times and won’t hesitate to beat you in trivia. Although Hogwarts will always have a special place in her heart, Sam is now even more obsessed with her German Shepherd mix, Guinness. Oh – and if she’s grumpy, please provide with snacks.

VP, Original Content & Business Development

Albert has a love of art and animation that can be seen through his previous work, which includes an eclectic mix of projects like feature films Spiderman 3 and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He also has a background in TV production for MTV Networks, including work on MTV Sports and The Denis Rodman World Tour.

President, Board of Directors

Misdee is a talented equestrian athlete who competes internationally in Combined Driving Events. She is also the owner of Hillcroft Farms in Kentucky. If her name rings a bell, that’s probably because she’s the granddaughter of Philip Wrigley (Go Cubs!).

Senior Director of Photography

At 23 years, James is Wrigley Media’s longest standing team member. When he first started, he was one of two employees, and he has now seen us grow to a staff of over 25. James also has a background in sports video, consistently shooting football and basketball games for University of Kentucky sports.


Our newest Editor, Scott, has worked for production companies in Austin, Dallas, and Nashville before returning home to the Bluegrass state. Scott enjoys keeping up with the Wildcats and the Mets in his spare time, along with hanging out with this family.


Chad is our in-house bourbon connoisseur & collector. When he’s not serving as our go-to for whiskey knowledge and industry info, he writes and produces original concepts and works closely with our edit team. As if that wasn’t enough, he also plays 3 instruments: Guitar, bass, and drums!

VP, Senior Editor

Darren is 2nd biggest Disney expert (next to Walt, of course). As a kid, he was always fascinated with the classroom TV & VCR; he wanted to take them apart & see how they worked. It’s no wonder he ended up at Wrigley Media Group helping to troubleshoot issues & questions within his edit team on a daily basis!

Senior Director, CG Services

Dave has 15+ years of experience in 3D modeling & animation, specializing in architectural models. He co-created a software plugin related to rendering organic objects in 3D & is the founder of Filmburn Animation Studios. Dave also loves art & painting, which he practices in his free time.

Founder, Board of Directors

Legend has it that Wood founded Wrigley Media back in 1992 with only a 2 man team. Since then, he’s helped grow the company to a team of over 25. If there’s ever a casting for the role of Henry Clay, look no further than Wood, as he is a direct descendant of The Great Negotiator!

Senior Director, Aerial Services

Keeper & operator of our drone fleet, Jeb is also a National Guard Veteran. When he’s not flying, Jeb can regularly be found tinkering with gadgets & toys, making “improvements”. Example: He adjusted a Nerf gun to shoot 2X faster. Now it makes a revving sound and, trust us, it’s terrifying.

Head of Original Content
VP, Sales

Charles has a reputation of being a major math whiz, earning him the nickname “Rain Man” in the office. One part ping pong enthusiast, one part KY Film Incentive expert, he specializes in client relationships. Some Charles trivia – he once interviewed who is: Alex Trebek on the set of Jeopardy!


Shelby has over 10 years of editing experience including a wide range of projects in varying industries, but her favorite field of work is documentaries. Shelby loves her 2 Irish Terriers, but they’ll have to share her love as she recently welcomed her baby girl, Cadence, into the world!

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