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LEXINGTON, KY – May 2020 – The Wrigley Media Group team supports the work and passion of Kentuckians who are offering encouraging messages and creating masks and hand sanitizers during the pandemic. Wrigley Media is involved with Castle & Key’s Hand Sanitizer Initiative, the Superhero Mask Project and a customer-outreach video series on behalf of Tony’s.

Following social-distancing protocols, Wrigley Media shot the Hand Sanitizer Initiative videos on-site at Castle & Key. The Woodford County distillery is using the video content on social media and online. Castle & Key Marketing Manager Sachi Howard says, “We connected with Wrigley Media Group on the project because one of our owners has an existing relationship with Wrigley Media and they kindly offered to create video content for us at no cost. This has been, and will continue to be, helpful as we spread the word about our Hand Sanitizer Initiative.”

Wrigley Media is communicating the story of the Superhero Mask Project. The group was founded by Brian Adkins, Emergency Medicine Physician, UK Hospital; Miranda Adkins, Clinical Nursing Instructor, UK College of Nursing; and Catherine Kamei, a management consultant and actress. By enlisting the services of volunteers, the Superhero Mask Project is donating thousands of masks throughout Kentucky and across the country to nursing homes, healthcare workers, first responders, police officers and firefighters.

"Wrigley Media is bringing their passion and creativity to community projects that aim to protect the welfare of Kentuckians, as well as bring a sense of hope and shared purpose during this challenging time,” expresses Kamei. “Kentucky is fortunate to have Wrigley Media as a ‘citizen’ and we at The Superhero Mask Project are incredibly grateful for their support."

Additionally, Wrigley Media used footage from previous projects with Tony’s to create three videos for social media. The videos contain encouraging messages to clients and the public during the quarantine. The Lexington location of Tony’s is slated to open May 22.

Wrigley Media Group CEO Jayne Hancock adds, “The Wrigley Media Group team is committed to protect our family - our employees, our clients and our community. We remain resolute, resilient, creative and positive together to stay the course. We are happy to play small parts in these important projects and messaging.”

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