What We Do
Video Production Services
Every good story starts with an idea. Whether the inspiration comes from (your team or ours) or evolves from our collaboration, our creative team studies and shapes your story to form an imaginative concept. Together we expand the opportunities for telling the whole story to make your vision a reality. Click Learn More below to explore all Wrigley Media Group's services.

Planning, scripting and storyboarding ideas and concepts to fit your brand.


Ultra HD cameras, experienced crew and a full array of lighting, audio and production gear.


KY’s largest studio, measuring 40′ x 60′, fully equipped with a CYC wall, green screen and lighting grid.


FAA exempt, fully legal, knowledgeable and capable of flying lower and safer than the standard aircraft.


Five Avid UHD edit suites, compositing library and software and a deadline-conscious team.


Full suite of digital effects, 3D animation and motion graphics software.


Lighting packages, meeting and studio space, and crew members at your service to take your production to the next level.

Original Content

From premise-to-post, specializing in info-taining unscripted TV content for all platforms.


Consulting, platform development and content marketing to leverage your social online presence and increase brand awareness.