Animated Video Services
At Wrigley Media Group, our animated video services include 2D and 3D graphics execution, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 360-degree video production. Our artists and animators take graphics to a whole new level by bringing still images to life through visual effects. With a combination of audio, video, photography, animation, and illustration components, our creative team uses exceptional problem-solving skills to communicate your company’s message in innovative ways. Using our knowledge and understanding of the latest design software, we are constantly learning about new technology and media in the ever-changing field of animated video services.

Our graphics and animated video production services are powerful tools when it comes to conveying your message. Visual effects and animation allow us to imagine beyond the constraints of reality, showing objects or spaces that are not yet in existence, or illustrating concepts that are otherwise difficult to communicate. These ideas can be executed for projects such as logo animation, architectural visualization, informational guides and more.

The ever-growing technology surrounding VR and AR gives our animated video services team limitless creative possibilities for showcasing our clients’ products, facilities and stories in our animation studio. VR and AR effectively create an immersive experience for your consumer and can create an impact that lasts long after the experience has ended. Our 3d animation studio team can imagine the story behind your VR/AR experience, animate and produce it, and provide the necessary knowledge and execution to deliver it to your audience.

Our 360 video and stitching capabilities allow us to provide you with stationary capture, either indoors or outdoors, or even a “bird’s-eye view” capture using our aerial video production services. The 360-video technology provides a great opportunity for businesses like real estate, architecture, tourism and more as it presents a complete, detailed view of the subject matter in which the viewer can explore from any angle they choose.